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There are several methods to improve your Mac performance. First, you can start the Activity Monitor to look for memory usage issues. Choose Quit to end the process you are having trouble with. If you want to quit, click Quit. it takes more than the memory available. You can make use of the System Memory tab to check for any process that is slow operating within your Mac.

A CPU issue is another reason for slowness for your Mac. Close any program which uses overly much CPU. Open Activity Monitor and click the «X» button under the icons. It best mac cleaning software is possible to use Google to search for the apps that are consuming the most CPU power but you aren’t sure what apps are. This should give you some idea the apps that are making your Mac to run slowly.

Your Mac could also be slowing down if it has too many programs. Many applications use up the entire memory of your computer, which makes the operating system slow. Make sure to delete any files you don’t use or moving them to a different drive. If you’re not certain which is the issue Try opening the Activity Monitor and looking at the entire list of applications running within your Mac. It’s likely that you’ll see some errors – this is an indicator that you’re using more than one application in parallel.

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